We are hiring!

Meiré und Meiré has been working at the intersection of culture, architecture and design for 30 years now.

To strengthen our team, we are seeking innovative, progressive, original minds – creative talents, who think across disciplines and impress us with unconventional ideas.

If you would like to develop definitive concepts and have a pronounced affinity for culture and design, write us. We look forward to your application.

Designer, Brand and Corporate Communication hiring

As a Designer (m/f) you are delivering cutting-edge conceptual and creative output for our broad corporate clientele. Working closely with designers, copywriters, and consultants, you are creating style-defining work for marketing and branding efforts across all media channels.

You are: well-versed in fundamental design disciplines and techniques, have a strong portfolio of unique work with a focus on corporate and brand communication, you are able to visualize, own and execute the creation of various media, you are self-motivated, have an expert eye for detail and an ability to transport our attitude – always with the client's interests at heart.

Designer, Editorial and Conceptual Printed Matters

Magazines, Newspapers, Books, Corporate Literature – as a designer you are part of our editorial design team, creating style-defining literature with international relevance ranging from business to art, culture, fashion and architecture – always in close collaboration with leading photographers, stylists and illustrators.

You are: well-versed in fundamental design disciplines and techniques, have a strong portfolio that shows unique editorial output, you are able to conceptualize, visualize and execute the creation of printed matters. You are self-motivated, you have an expert eye for detail and an ability to transport our attitude – and a strong understanding of current and future trends, issues and styles.

Interface Designer hiring

At the intersection of man and machine.

As an interface designer, you work in a creative and conceptual manner and design user-friendly digital systems. Your works evolve from close partnerships with programmers, software designers and artists.

You have to be able to organize and present well, quickly develop an understanding of your clients requirements and be able to use basic programs and techniques competently.



  • - User interface design and conceptual design in the online/mobile/app area
  • - A keen sense of design aesthetics
  • - An innovative force in the area of web and interface design
  • - Excellent knowledge in the areas of usability and interactive design
  • - Ideally extensive experience implementing layouts for mobile sites & apps
  • - Development of prototypes and functional mock-ups
  • - Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • - At least 1 to 3 years of job experience in a similar position


We’re looking forward for your application.

Media Designer / Layouter hiring

Meiré and Meiré seeks a trained media designer or layouter (m/f) for digital and print media to support ongoing international projects with a focus on interior conception.

Architect / Designer hiring

Communication in space, space in communication.

Meiré und Meiré design temporary architectural structures for trade fair appearances, exhibitions and installations as well as architecture for flagship stores.

You have to be able to organize and present well, quickly develop an understanding of your clients requirements and be able to use basic programs and techniques competently.

Consultant hiring

Significance. Loyalty. Ability to lead.

Whether as a senior or junior consultant, you are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility because you represent Meiré und Meiré to existing and new clients.

You are responsible for operational team leadership, the strategic development of your accounts and ensuring that budgets, deadlines and quality standards are adhered to.

Consultant PR hiring

As PR Consultant, you develop long-term relevance for brand and companies: from the mere conveying of information to the generation of new contents and product-related topic planning.

You work at eye-level with journalists, independently to a large extent, and implement projects from their very beginning, precise right down to the smallest detail and within the scope of the available budget. You have a wide range of interests and are capable of managing complexity and thinking strategically.

You should have a positive, open approach, a fine sense for lifestyle and design and be fluent in German and English. Ideally, you have two or three years of professional experience in PR consulting.

Consultant Digital hiring

As a consultant digital you work at the intersection of project management and consulting in the field of interaction design with a focus on web and touch apps. You are responsible for supporting and cooperating with Meiré und Meiré's interactive unit. This requires partly conceptual, partly coordinative and partly business tasks in the fields client & team management, cost management as well as drafting and controlling project plans.

Your responsibilities include account management and consulting at every project stage, costing and cost estimation, organizing, realizing and following-up of presentations, workshops and meetings, obtaining and evaluating offers of external service providers, setting up project schedules incl. resource planning, reviewing the project's progress and adherence to defined targets, resource management including freelancers and service providers as well as reporting results for clients and the executive board.

You should have gained at least 3 years experience in project management and provide relevant references from the digital environment; you should possess a brilliant knowledge and understanding of common concept, design and deployment processes and be familiar with established collaboration and management tools. Moreover it is important to work and coordinate interdisciplinarily, to be willing to develop yourself and your team further and to be open-minded and dedicated to collaborative concept work and brainstormings. You should demonstrate exceptional organisation and communication skills, ideally also in English, and you should understand that the development of user experience requires a high level of flexibility and innovation.

Copywriter hiring

Aesthetic for substance.

As a copywriter, your work requires a keen sense for words and content, qualified skills in research, editing and structuring processes as well as a quick understanding of our clients requirements. You show a high affinity to lifestyle, design and culture, are well-versed in the international media landscape and will be supporting our PR-team in all editorial matters. Your responsibilities are the creation of concise texts, mailings, press releases, social media contributions and presentations.

You have to be able to use German and English eloquently, keep an overview of all your projects and like to work - online and offline - focused, independently and in teams.

Please send your application to:

Meiré GmbH & Co. KG
c/o Ursula Szeltner
Lichtstraße 26-28
D-50825 Cologne