Neo Noto is our think tank and cultural production.

Neo Noto conceives, produces and publishes art and cultural projects. Freelance or on commission. Meiré und Meiré develop and carry out national and international cultural projects for brands and companies that seek increased social relevance, a stronger connection to specific target groups or more significance in sensitive markets. Meiré und Meiré has a network of art, culture and design that is as individual as it is finely intertwined.


This treatment of culture opens up new freedom for ideas and visions. The results are non-commercial artistic projects that define new contexts, perspectives and contents. These projects are commissioned by our clients, such as the Statements series by Dornbracht, or are independent exhibition projects, for example Back Room or the Stardust Festival.

„Neo“ is Latin and means „new“,
„noto“ is derived from „notation“.