Since 2004, Meiré und Meiré has been the international lead public relations agency for several Esprit licence brands. This involves coordinating the PR work for the licence brands and running the brand’s press office for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Meiré und Meiré transports the message of the brand to the media and launches the Esprit Brand Story. The agency features Esprit Key Looks in fashion and lifestyle magazines. In addition, Meiré und Meiré maintains close relationships with journalists, organizes interviews and acts as the brand ambassador at all Esprit Events.


Esprit Lifestyle Accessories
Meiré und Meiré supports several Esprit licensing partners, including Esprit Lifestyle Accessories, Esprit timewear + jewel, Esprit luggage and Esprit umbrellas. The focus of this work is on launching the latest fashion accessories to round out the image of the Esprit collection in lifestyle media.

Esprit home
Esprit home works with the product lines of various licensing partners to create the Esprit Home World. Since 2006, Meiré und Meiré has worked as public relations partner to the brand, positioning the interior collection in international media throughout Europe. Today, Esprit’s line of furnishings includes Esprit home carpets, Esprit home wallpaper und Esprit home decoration.

Press events
Meiré und Meiré organizes press events to mark the launch of annual collections. These press previews stage the collection in a variety of different locations. Meiré und Meiré presents for example the latest Esprit interior trends to leading home design magazines and lifestyle media.